Fit for a Goddess... 

Hand Mala or a Hand Flower?  

Call it what you will, but it's truely a Goddess Piece.

These Malas are made of 108 Hand Tied beads with a 13 Carat Pear Shaped Faceted Gemstone Bezel Detail.

Fully custom, the Hand Mala is a one of a kind Talisman that you can wear daily.  

Shel. Couture Copyright 2014.  

Faceted Pyrite Hand Mala with 13 Carat,

Faceted White Topaz Surrounded by

1 Carat of Pave Black Diamonds, set in a Sterling Silver Bezel,

with 5' x's 14KT Gold Overlay.  

Shel. Couture Copyright 2014.  

Faceted Black Spinel Hand Mala with 13 Carat

Faceted Black Onyx Surrounded by

1 Carat of Pave White Sapphires,

set in a Rhodium Sterling Silver Bezel.  


The Laverne Cuff...

Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing Shel. Couture's 2014 Laverne Cuff...  

Available in other gemstones,

Rhodium Plated Sterling, Black Rhodium Sterling, & Rose Gold.  




 Copyright 2014 Shel. Couture







A Flower in her Flower... 

This weekend's Shop Glee Pop Up Shop Event at Seaweed & Gravel Encinitas was a huge success!  

Taryn Kent from Joielala Photography caught the Hostess Haven in her new Shel. Couture Hand Flower... 

Magically made of 108 hand tied Kamagong Natural Wood & Bone Beads, set off by a Vintage Locket in Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.  

Shel. Couture Copyright 2013


Holidays:  ELECTRIC


Shel. Couture India Earrings in Metallic Blue Swarovski Crystals...

These sparklies will be roaming the streets of New York this Winter...



Shel. Couture Copyright 2013

India Earrings available in different lengths, gemstones & crystals


December: Play Time.  

Shel. Couture now carrying one of a kind hand candy...  

Drusy Quartz, Turquoise, Sapphire, Veriscite, Amazonite, take your pick...  

Or order one in any stone you like...

Or finish...  






 Shel. Couture Hand Selected one of a kind 22 karat overlay play rings.