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Los Angeles Jewelry District...  

the making of ganesh... yellow sappires & blue zircon...



Ganesh Ring Molds, 3 sizes       

Imagine a fast film with Korsakov's very loud Flight of the Bumblebee resonating through the streets of downtown LA...  There I was, hurrying through the jewelry district, where evidently you can't go unless you're on a time crunch...  It never fails, I'll miss my train, my car will get towed, Miss Piggy is waiting patiently for me in the car, can't find a restroom, it's always something.  

Los Angeles Jewelry District is an arduous experience, to say the least.  Cigarettes, pushy people, trash, and that overwhelming thought, "should I really be scurrying around here, A-L-O-N-E"?  I might as well be purple, let's just leave it at that.  Before I even finish parking, my headphones are in.  Black Keys in a town full of madness is the only way to go, especially when you want to ignore the fact that you're purple.  If you don't like crowded elevators, this is not for you.  There are six elevator doors, and three areas to punch in your floor request.  This tells you which one will take you where you're going.  I would pay money to see myself the first time I entered this lobby five years ago.  Each elevator is consistently full.  People stand right in front of the doors and hardly leave an inch of room for anyone to get off, it's hysterical.  What are all of these people doing all day?  It's creepy I tell you.  They're scurrying like me, so I guess I'm creepy too. 

First stop, Jackie the jeweler, my guru metal smith who makes my ganesh rings and bird & om pendants.  Jackie is my go-to for anything custom that I can't make myself.  She works magic in a little studio with her dad George who calls me baby, and she is one of the most honest and kindest people I have ever met.  She knows everything about my personal life, and never forgets anything I tell her.  I think she anxiously awaits the next chapter...   

Another building… I ring the doorbell, YES, they all have doorbells to buzz you in...  It's like I'm doing something secret and naughty, and if the right song is playing on my IPOD, the fantasy is even more effective.  There’s Lan, the man with gems…  Lan’s a jolly looking fellow who sounds like Kermit the frog.  Lan, if you’re reading this (chances are slim), I’m sorry, but you have to know that you do, and it makes me smile.  Unfortunately, just a tease this visit, apparently the smaller you go with chalcedony, the color goes too. 

Finally, I found the gems I needed from Tony the Tiger.  His nickname is debatably inappropriate, as he is the opposite of a tiger, he’s more like a kitten.  Tony patiently went through 100s of stones with me until I found the perfect ones. 

So my next trip to LA I will have downloaded the flight of the bumblebee, and will be wearing a helmet cam.  Absolutely.  I can add it to my upcoming shel’s blog videos section...     

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    I thought your post was cool and will visit often.
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    Los Angeles Jewelry District...   - blog - shel.
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    Los Angeles Jewelry District... - blog - shel.

Reader Comments (3)

Shelly, how did I now know as your Mother that you are a vivid writer. You paint a perfect picture of your experiences with words. Now, let's see if this goes...

June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMama

is this working..?

June 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commentershelly

You are awesome. I was totally just there with you, buzzing around a very strange place (even though right now I'm actually somewhere between Baker and Las Vegas on my way to Colorado. I love technology.) Your writing style leaves me wanting more. Isn't that what they say on the back covers of best sellers?...

June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLauren

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