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Photoshoot + Shel. Riviera Necklace ...  

An Antique table & Shel.'s Riviera Necklace loaded with heavy gold chain & gold swarovski crystals... Need I say more?  I'm not sure if it's my birthday approaching, but somebody put some bling in my water these past few weeks.  Hmmmmm... So stoked to shoot this one for the the new season... It is called Riviera.. Seems appropriate for a boat shoot...   But the more I see Drew Barrymore naked in that old truck, I want to shoot that idea too!!!!!  Adorable!!!  Not sure she would be available...  I'm meeting with a very close friend and Shel. collaborator weekly now, and this Monday it's crunch time.. Photoshoots monthly?  Themes?  Travel?  So much to ponder in the way of fashion, photoshoots, & bling... Always inspired and looking for more ideas!    

There's an old Mercedes down the road I'm dying to use... Maybe I could deliver cookies... ?  Or jewelry...  

Smiling...  -shel


compliments of...  love!  


Drew Barrymore... :)


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